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Since 1964, Edio and Joan Delfino have loved sharing their farm with Apple Hill visitors. Originally, the Delfino Family named their farm Kids Incorporated after their seven children. That name will always be treasured in our hearts. However, since 2017, to honor the entire Delfino Family, we are now known as Delfino Farms with our winery name being Edio Vineyards and bakery Joan’s Apple Bakery.

Come year round to visit our winery honoring our patriarch, Edio Delfino. And, in the Fall, come visit our 60 year old bakery dedicated to our matriarch, Joan Delfino, to stock up on homemade baked goods made daily from scratch.

For over 60 years, we have loved sharing products grown directly from our farm and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

Bottle of Edio Vineyards Wine

Making wines as a tribute to our patriarch, Edio Delfino

Edio Delfino grew up on a 20 acre vineyard in St. Helena after his family moved from Italy. With his farming roots, he studied at Cal Poly and graduated with a degree in agriculture. This ultimately brought him to El Dorado County where he held the Agricultural Commissioner position for 33 years. During this time, he co-founded the famous Apple Hill Growers Association in 1964, and Delfino Farms has been a member since the start. Going back to our roots of vineyards and wine, Edio Vineyards' first vintage in 2018 is dedicated to our hardworking, intelligent, strong, sharp, and driven father and grandfather, Edio Delfino, an inspiration to his entire family.

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Dedicated to the Memory of Edio “Pop” Delfino

Edio Vineyards

Our wines made by Peter Delfino: Edio’s Grandson- a graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Enology. Peter’s winemaking focus is on minimal intervention and varietal and site expression. He is always striving for fresh and bright notes in all of his wines. Read through the next slides to learn about our current releases.

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This 2018 Albariño is a light bodied white wine with fresh acidity. Grapes were picked at a low pH to make this wine bright and refreshing. By stainless steel fermenting, we have created a crisp, aromatic wine perfect for hot Apple Hill days overlooking our vineyard and orchard. 152 cases made.


The 2019 Rosé is a nod to Southern France style Rosés. Made from 100% Mouvèdre. The grapes were whole cluster pressed and had only 12 hours of skin contact to create a light, delicate wine. Stainless steel fermented and aged, this wine is a fuller bodied Rosé that maintains fresh acidity with a creamy mouthfeel. 77 cases made.


This 2018 Grenache was barrel aged for 17 months in neutral French oak barrels. Aromas of cooked strawberries, baking spices, and blood orange. The pallet follows suit with notes of strawberry rhubarb pie, nutmeg, cinnamon, and anise. The mouthfeel is medium in body and has grippy tannins. 244 cases made.


The 2018 Mourvèdre was barrel aged for 17 months in 38% new French oak and with 10% whole clusters. Aromas of dark fruit such as blackberry, blueberry, and currant with hints of vanilla and cedar shine through. The pallet has bright acidity, juicy flavors, and smooth tannins with subtle toasted flavors. Unfined and Unfiltered. 131 cases made.


This 2018 Primitivo was barrel aged in 20% new French oak for 16 months. Aromas of all spice, cinnamon, and black pepper are predominant with hints of vanilla and truffle. The pallet is led by fresh acidity with red fruit and a finish full of spices. Unfined and Unfiltered. 120 cases made.

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Commissioner Line

Our Reserve Wines

The Commissioner wines at Edio Vineyards pay homage to where each of us began our wine journey. With burgundy varietals from Chêne Vineyards in Edna Valley, a Rhone blend to honor our time in Paso Robles, and a Cabernet Sauvignon paying tribute to Edio's childhood in St. Helena. These wines are made with incredible care and very small production. Read about our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (released now). Rhone blend and Cabernet Sauvignon coming soon.

Chêne Chardonnay

With fruit sourced from Chêne Vineyards in the Edna Valley, this 2018 Chardonnay is a nod to Chablis. Neutral French oak fermented, sur lie aged, and bâtonnaged every two weeks. This wine has aromas of lemon, butterscotch and honey. The pallet is dominated by acidity, but still maintains its' creamy mouthfeel and a long lasting citrus finish. Unfined and Unfiltered. 44 cases made.

Chêne Pinot Noir

With fruit sourced from Chêne Vineyards in the Edna Valley, this 2018 Pinot Noir was picked early to keep its' freshness and bright acidity. This wine has aromas of ripe cherry, Christmas spices, and licorice. On the pallet, it is balanced with well integrated oak, acidity, and silky tannins. Flavors of red berry fruit like cherry, raspberry, and cranberry shine through. Unfined and Unfiltered. 74 cases made.

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Henrietta Stich | Delfino Farms | Barrel Aged in French Oak | California Style | Dry Hard Apple Cider | From apples grown entirely by the Delfino Family in Camino, CA Bottle of Henrietta Stich Hard Cider Henrietta Stich Hard Apple Cider Barrel Aged in French Oak | California Style | Dry Hard Apple Cider
Hen Icon What's in a Name?

Henrietta Stich raised her three children to love life, family, good food, and farming. Her eldest daughter, Joan Stich Delfino, has instilled in all of us here at Delfino Farms these same passions. Henrietta told Joan to never name her daughter “Henrietta” because it sounds like a chicken’s name, but we LOVE the name! Our cider pays homage to Henrietta, and it is with great honor and love that we name our cider after Joan’s mother: Henrietta Stich Hard Cider!

Henrietta Stich Hard Apple Cider

Our 2019 (Batch 5) Henrietta Stich Portfolio includes our Heritage, Arkansas Black, and Blackberry Hard Ciders. All made exclusively from apples and blackberries at Delfino Farms in Camino, CA. All were barrel fermented with native yeast in French oak barrels, barrel aged sur lie for 6 months, and then bottle conditioned to add the perfect amount of carbonation. Our ciders are all light, clean, tart, and dry. Hand bottled and hand labeled.

  • Barrel-Aged in French Oak
  • California-Style Dry Hard Apple Cider
  • Made from apples grown entirely by the Delfino family in Camino, California

Dedicated to the Memory
of Joan “Nanny” Delfino.

We follow her original family recipes,
making everything the way she taught us.

Mouth-watering baked goods are at the heart of the success of the Apple Hill Farms. Our bakery is our main attraction and is the reason thousands of visitors come every fall. Joan Delfino (Nanny to all of her grandchildren) was dedicated to providing visitors with homemade, quality products made completely from scratch. She was the mastermind behind all of our recipes including our famous Walkin' Pie. We continue this dedication each and every year by making everything the way she taught us!

Walkin' Pie Icon

Home of the Walkin’ Pie

Back when all seven Delfino children were young, Joan created our famous Walkin' Pie. Her children were always asking for apple pie, but giving her children plates and forks left her with a big mess. To fix this problem, Joan created a “mini” pie. She put some dough on the bottom, a circle of spiced apples for the filling, and then a piece of dough on the top. She baked it and, when it cooled, she handed it to her children to go eat outside. They ate it much like one would eat a hamburger, washed up with the hose outside and... voila! No mess! When the youngest son, Edio Jr., was six years old, he began calling this creation a “Walkin’ Pie” because you could walk around with it while you ate it. Make sure to try your Walkin’ Pie with our famous cider sauce and vanilla ice cream!

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Our Pies are made with Love

Farmhouse Pie

Edio and Joan Delfino planted 2600 apples trees to start their Apple Hill farm in 1964. You could imagine how many apples those trees produced! Joan began making the five pound “Farmhouse” pie which could feed a farmhouse full of people. Her hope was that the visitors to the ranch would buy lots and lots of apples and duplicate this pie for their families. We suppose this happened but, mostly, visitors just came back to buy Joan's Farmhouse Pie. They served it to friends and family and at big Holiday dinners. It was (and still is) a big favorite!

Cottage Pie

This pie is the same recipe as the Farmhouse Pie, but three pounds of apples—made with cottage-sized families in mind.

Apple Crisp

We make 200–300 apple crisps on any given October weekend—each container feeds three people. The chopped apple filling is cooked and then topped with a brown sugar/flour/butter crumb topping. Our apple crisp is our style of traditional Apple Cobbler.

French Apple Pie

Some people would refer to this pie as a “Dutch Crunch Apple Pie”. But Joan was French, so she called it the "French Apple Pie". We use sliced apples and cook them slowly adding a touch of cinnamon for flavor. We top the cooked apples with a sugar/butter crumb topping and pop it back in the oven to brown. Voila!

New York Style Cheesecake Apple Pie

This is our newest pie here at Joan’s Apple Bakery! The recipe was created by Robyn Delfino. The Delfino Family loved this cheesecake so much during the holidays that we decided to top it with apples and add it to our menu! Creamy but not too sweet. We think our Apple Hill visitors are glad we added it! It’s proven to be one of our top sellers.

Blackberry Sour Cream Pie

The blackberries are from the thornless bushes grown here at Delfino Farms. This pie is great warm with ice cream! We make it in ​September only.​ And, you can special order it for the holidays while our blackberry supply lasts.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie

Cream cheese is our secret to the creamiest pumpkin pie ever. Top with whipped cream for the perfect fall dessert. ​November Only.

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Our Family

To us, the Delfino name means family, hard work, community service, and, of course, agriculture. Edio and Joan Delfino, with their seven children, started their farm in 1964 and today, the legacy lives on! Chris Delfino, and his four children, Christine, Peter, Benjamin, and Derek own and run Delfino Farms—second and third generation. We are proud of where we came from and look forward to many generations of farming to come.

Come enjoy this life with us!

— The Delfino Family

The Delfino Family Edio & Joan with their seven children