Our Story

Family First

The story of our winery all begins with Grandpa Edio.

Edio Delfino was passionate about agriculture as a way of life and instilled that into his family. Our winery pays homage to our patriarch and is a way to ensure his name lives on!



Frank & Secondina Delfino come over from Italy to Ellis Island. They make their way to St. Helena and settle on 20 acres of land along the Calistoga Highway. 1930-Edio Peter Delfino is born.


Edio attends and graduates from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He joins the Airforce during this time, takes a job in the Sonoma County Agricultural Department, and starts a family with Joan.


1960-2002 -Edio and Joan move to El Dorado County when Edio receives the job as Agricultural Commissioner. They establish Kids Incorporated (now Delfino Farms) with their seven children and become co-founders of the Apple Hill Growers Association. They become extremely involved in the agriculture industry of the county.

2002- 2016

Chris and Robyn Delfino purchase the farm and start running Kids Incorporated. They establish the vineyards in 2007. During this time, Christine, Peter and Derek move to San Luis Obispo and graduate in Agriculture Business/Wine and Viticulture. After graduating, they become immersed in the wine industries of Paso Robles/Edna Valley for many years.


2017-2020 Christine, Peter, and Derek move home to start Edio Vineyards at Delfino Farms with their brother Ben and parents. In 2018, Peter makes his first vintage of wine and, in 2020, the tasting room opens!

The Winery today

Edio Vineyards and the whole farm is completely run and managed by the family. Significant others, cousins, in-laws, and more all work and run the farm. We strive to continue this family legacy for many years to come!

The Wines

My winemaking focus is minimal intervention with varietal and site expression. With my Grandfather, Edio, being on each bottle, I am constantly focused on providing the highest quality wines that I can produce. Because we are a small production, boutique winery, I have the ability to watch every barrel and ensure we are creating the fresh, bright, alpine wines we are striving for. Cheers!

Peter Delfino

The Vines

First and foremost, my goal is to be a steward of the land like my grandfather and father before me. This means we use organic practices and truly let the land speak for itself. I hope to always use my knowledge from Cal Poly, but also to evolve with farming practices and be open to learning each and every day.

Derek Delfino
Vineyard Manager

The Experience

Our philosophy at Edio is to make sure every visitor leaves feeling like family. Guests are always seated while enjoying our wines, hearing the family history, and overlooking our expanding views. We believe in an experience that honors the beautiful wines Peter and Derek make while remembering the wine industry is meant to be fun! We look forward to hosting you soon!

Christine Noonan
General Manager