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Family First

Delfino Farms focuses on family, hard work, and, of course, agriculture.

Since 1964, Edio and Joan Delfino have loved sharing their farm with Apple Hill visitors. Originally, the Delfino Family named their farm Kids Incorporated after their seven children. That name will always be treasured in our hearts. However, since 2017, to honor the entire Delfino Family, we are now known as Delfino Farms with our winery name being Edio Vineyards and bakery Joan’s Apple Bakery.

Family • Family • Family • Family

The Delfino Farms History

Edio and Joan met when Edio was going to college at Cal Poly. They got married in 1953 while he was in the Airforce. At 33, Edio got the job as El Dorado County Agricultural Commissioner and moved to Placerville, CA. In 1962, Edio and Joan purchased their 20-acre farm in Camino, CA. Check out our farm’s history below!


Edio is dealing with an agricultural disaster known as “Pear Decline” that is destroying, at the time, the main crop in El Dorado County. He and his three colleagues put their heads together and created the Apple Hill Growers Association. Many farms start producing apples and welcoming visitors to their farms.


Joan and Edio start the bakery with their seven children. They have their children name the farm and they come up with “Kids Inc”. Joan creates many of the desserts you still love today including the famous “Walkin’ Pie”. She poured her heart into each and every recipe created!

1980’s-Early 2000’s

The “Kids Kids” (third generation) start being born and this begins the run of 16 grandchildren being added to the Delfino family! They start selling the pumpkins/gourds on the farm and helping in the bakery.


Chris and Robyn Delfino take over the farm and bakery. They run the farm for many years and establish the vineyards in 2007. Christine, Peter, and Derek go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Ben stays home to help run the farm.


In 2017, Christine, Peter, and Derek move home from San Luis Obispo after graduating from Cal Poly and working in the Paso Robles/Edna Valley wine industries to start their dream of a winery with their brother, Ben, and parents, Chris and Robyn.


During this time, the farm is renamed Delfino Farms with the winery being named Edio Vineyards and bakery Joan’s Apple Bakery to honor the family history.



Today, Edio Vineyards is open year round with Joan’s Apple Bakery continuing to be open seasonally in the Fall. We are completely family owned and operated and have been since 1964! Check out all the family involved below.


To this day, we are proud to be family owned and run

2nd, 3rd, and now 4th generation Delfino's own and run Delfino Farms along with cousins, in-laws, best friends, and more! We are proud to keep our family legacy alive for many generations to come!

Christine Noonan

Owner/General Manager

Peter Delfino


Derek Delfino

Owner/Vineyard Manager

Chris Delfino

Owner/Orchard Manager

Ben Delfino


Robyn Delfino

Director of Finance

Tommy Noonan

Concert Promoter/Content Creator

Brittany Delfino

Event Manager

Alicia Delfino

Bakeshop Manager

Hannah Melton

Hospitality Manager

Mirella Talavera

Tasting Room Lead

Carlos Perez

Cellar Master

Jessica Bross

Administrative Assistant